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About Us

Fidele Capital Limited is a Category 4, DFSA regulated, financial & investment advisory firm located in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).  

Our team combines over 100 years of advisory and investment management experience to deliver financial advice, exceptional customer service & market leading investment results to institutional and individual investors all over the world including the MENA region, Africa & Asia.

We aim to bring an effective and efficient investment advisory platform, which differentiates itself through offering our bespoke investment mandate approach, providing professional clients with a transparent, disciplined and integrated investment advisory service that is tailored and focused on achieving and surpassing their Financial Goals.

Our Expertise

With over 100 years of combined experience, our team combines the expertise of ex-discretionary & systematic investment managers with leading Financial advisors & relationship managers.

Our Philosophy

Investments should be outcome led. By starting with the desired financial goal for your investment, amount we tailor our solutions and investment mandate to deliver the highest probability of achieving and exceeding that goal.

Our Commitment to Results

We guarantee your investment profile - that is the Path/Journey your investment will take in order to achieve your goal relative to market performance. By defining  bespoke benchmarks at inception, we actively ask our clients to judge us on their investment performance. 

Our Regime Neutral Approach

Our Proprietary Investment Approach has been empirically proven (over 50yrs of market data) to outperform a 100% Global Equity Allocation on a risk adjusted and total return basis. Our strategies are results drive. 

Contact Us

Office 2209,
South Tower,
Emirates Financial Towers, 


+971 4 564 3132

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