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Building Wealth that Transcends Generations

At Fidele Capital, we strive to be a leader in financial services innovation and positive change. Our process starts by putting your end investment goals at the forefront. Using our deep understanding of asset class and strategy performance across market cycles: we design, optimise and implement an investment mandate tailored solely to achieve your goals. Through employing institutional level investment strategies within our empirically proven investment allocation framework, we help professional investors & institutions surpass their financial potential.

Fidele's Regime Neutral Approach

Our multi-strategy, multi-asset approach diversifies by market regime, equally weighting an investment allocation across strategy baskets designed to thrive in one of the four market regimes: Inflation, Deflation, Growth & Decline.

Market regime diversification allows investors to remain long across the market cycle whilst minimising portfolio drawdowns and maximising risk adjusted returns regardless of the environment. 

Our Approach has been empirically tested over 50 years of market data, outperforming a 100% Global Equity Allocation on a risk adjusted and total return basis. 

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